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A Guide on how to Pay a US Immigration Bond

Without proper documentation or having an expired visa in the United States, a migrant can be detained. Once detained, the immigration department in the US starts the processing the immigrant’s deportation papers. It can take a long time for an immigrant to be deported back into their country as the whole process is long. A bond is important as many detainees in the US are able to get home. A guide on how one can get a bond after being detained for being an immigrant in the US is as explained below.

It is important for one to gather all the information regarding an immigrant before they think of paying a bond for them. Knowing the detainee’s full name is the first step into starting the whole process of paying a bond. Identifying the detention center an immigrant is kept is equally very important. After identifying the immigrant’s full names and their where about, the next step would be to determine if they qualify for a bond. It is possible for a detainee to be denied a bond if the judge finds them to have a criminal or terrorist history. Determining the office who is handling the detainee’s case is the next step after you identify that they qualify for a bond. It is very important to talk to the officer in charge of the case as you will get to learn more regarding the case.

There is no trouble when one is trying to get to the officer in charge of the case if you contact the immigration department. The next step after meeting with the officer in charge of the case would be to learn of the bond amount. The amount to be paid as a bond for the detainee to be released is also indicated on their file. Once you identify that the amount set by the judge is too high and the detainee cannot raise the money, you can book for another hearing and have the amount reduced. The bond amount can be reduced if you book another hearing. It is possible to pay a more reduced bond that one set by the judge if you consider booking for another hearing. The next step after you are okay to the bond amount would be to secure a money order or a cashier’s check.

Once you have the bond ready, the next step would be to notify the officer in charge as you can only post it once the detainee is present. Before the bond is posted; it is advisable for you to take the payment to the necessary office. In order to pay the bond for the detainee, you must take your identification document with you. The fact that the bond posting process is long means that you should get to the office very early in the morning. Once the bond is posted successfully, your detainee is realized and free to go home.

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